Community Spirit

Looking outward, adding value, and building trust

Through fostering strong and authentic family and community relationships, Oak Lawn-Hometown School District 123 will serve as a central hub for family and community engagement. ​​ Research has demonstrated that school-community-home partnerships can have a positive impact on both community pride and student achievement. Our school system will strive to grow community trust by looking outward to partner with families and community organizations to open lines of communication, add value and provide support. Great schools make strong communities. The partnering work we accomplish will create a culture where people feel a sense of commitment and service to their neighbors and greater community.

Utilize targeted outreach

A1. The district secures annual outreach targets based on feedback from the Board of Education and administrative recommendation.

A2. The district engages with specific community partners, deepening relational integration that promotes outgrowth that adds value and trust to both the school district and community.

A3. The district will make every effort to provide families healthcare and social service information and resources through increased community partnering connections.

A4. Each school engages families in the learning process by developing activities with diverse communities, provide welcoming environments that grow family involvement and use family friendly language that is comfortable and inviting for all.

A5. Each student’s family is provided regular opportunities for two-way communication and informed of learning events designed for parents, which include strategies which empower them in advocacy and support of their children’s education and growth.

Build reciprocal relationships

B1. The district seeks to develop reciprocal relationships with the community, intentionally connecting our students with the community and the community with our students.

B2. The district will build upon, enhance and support existing partnerships to ensure student success, as well as seek to create and engage new partnerships which align with strategic priorities of the school system.

B3. Each school initiates opportunities to develop relationships that provide reciprocal support that add value to the school and community, provide authentic educational experiences, and serve to build trust.

B4. Each student is aware of and has the opportunity to actively serve in school and community partnerships as volunteers and through service projects.

Grow community trust

C1. The district will look outward to strategic partners and develop community trust with colleges, social service agencies, community groups, parochial organizations, local leaders, public officials, and businesses to improve student learning and respond to greater community needs.

C2. The district will outline procedures and guidelines for tightly modeling formalized school partnerships.

C3. The district will develop a communications plan to include the use of multiple communications strategies that serve to inform and engage the community in school district information.

C4. The district will regularly remain in close communication with and engage all community partners, informing them of new developments, listening to their unique needs, and purposely bringing them together.

C5. Each school will continue to make family and community collaboration and engagement an integral part of the school culture.